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By default and for your privacy, no lists are shared and no data is transmitted to the internet. In order to share shopping lists two steps are required:

  1. Open the settings page.
  2. Add an account.
  3. Enter your e-mail address and choose a password.
  4. Important Use the same e-mail address and password on the phones you want to share lists with.

Open the list and hit synchronize button. You'll need to confirm that you want to share the list and selected an account. Your list is transmitted to the cloud. Tap the synchronize button on main page of the other phone the receive the data.

You can also let your phone synchronize the lists automatically by ticking the periodic synchronization box in the second settings pane.

There are two kinds of tiles that can be used in No Fuss Shopping List:

  1. To put a list on the homescreen, go to the list that you want to add as a live tile. Click on the Live Tile button in the application bar. The tile is added to your homescreen. Adjust the size.
  2. To get an overview of all lists simply add the application to your homescreen.
    Important In NFSL, a new live tile concept is introduced. Your old tile is converted to an overview tile.

Info We suggest the largest tile as it provides information on the eight oldest list entries.
Info The live tile will be updated when you leave the app or synchronization is carried out

By default, no automatic synchronization is carried out. Periodic synchronization has to be explicitly enabled in the settings:

  1. Open the settings dialog and swipe left to go the second settings pane.
  2. Tick the "Periodic synchronization" box
  3. Choose how regularly you want to synchronize your lists.

Info Periodic synchronization is carried out every 30 minutes if an internet connection is available either through WiFi or the mobile phone network. This frequency can be lowered in order to save battery and data volume.

  1. Long tap on the list or item. The context menu opens.
  2. Select "Rename..."

Because your friend doesn't use the same account data (e-mail address and password) in his or her settings.
Make sure your account is installed on your friend's device. Important Use the same e-mail address and password on the phones you want to share lists with.

Hot to check an item off the list depends on your settings. There are three different gestures (finger movements) available to choose from:

  • Tap

    Use your finger to tap on an item to remove it from the list or add it to the list.
  • Double Tap

    Tap twice (double tap) on the item you want to remove from or add to a list.
  • Strikethrough

    Tap and hold your finger on the item and move it to the left or right to remove from or add to a list.

There are two settings available to choose from in the settings dialog:

  • Alphabetically by name
    The items are sorted alphabetically by their name.
  • Time of addition
    The items are sorted according to their time of addition to the list. I.e. element that have been put first on the list will appear on the top of list.

Info It is not possible to sort the items manually. If you want to order them yourself remove them from the list an add them again in the correct order.

  1. Open the list you want to categorize.
  2. Open the categories menu from the application bar.
  3. Create the categories you need and press back.
  4. Long tap on an item to open the context menu and click on "category..."
  5. Select the category of the item.
  6. Repeat for all items you want to categorize

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